Great uncle Michael’s ring

Great Uncle Michael was a missionary who worked on a donkey from Tiblisi. he was in a remote monastery in Armenia translating a text from Greek to Armenian when it was visited by the Catholicus of Armenia- the head of the Armenian church. They had an amicable sojourn together and in return for the translation he gave great uncle Michael an emerald, one of a set of three. He said that he was giving one to the bishop of Constantinople and one to the king of Egypt and one to Great uncle Michael who had it made into a ring like this. This was given to my eldest daughter Alice and I always said that I would make one for my other daughter Lucy. I had a lovely emerald dealer, who became a friend, from Colombia and this stone came up in one of his parcels. Thank goodness I bought it immediately as I phoned him up not long after and found that he had died suddenly of a heart attack I remember the original ring worn by my aunt Dorothy from childhood and I am sure that it was a major influence in my becoming a jeweller.

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