David Lever small sterling silver forged hoop earrings. 3 cm diam.

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David Lever small sterling silver forged hoop earrings. 3 cm diam.


  1. Jan Croft

    Very sadly I have lost one of my silver hoop earrings made by you David Lever costing £42.00 at Primavera Cambridge.
    Would it be possible for you to make me another one ?

  2. admin Author

    Hello, it’s possible you’ve already had a reply ( I’m working from home ) I’ll be at the shop tomorrow and will ask David if he can supply just one hoop. I’ll be in touch again once I’ve heard back from him. Thank you, Gerry

  3. admin Author

    Hello again Jan,
    I’ve just heard back from David, he doesn’t really sell the hoops singly, he could make a matching one but you’d have to send your remaining one to us for him to match it to. Or if you bought a new pair you’d have a spare ?? As they’re hand made he’d want to match the hammered finish and shininess. Let us know what you’d like to do.
    Thank you, Gerry

  4. admin Author

    Hello, sorry not sure why the size isn’t noted !! Yes there are 3 sizes in total, pictured are the smallest which I would guess at 3.5cm diam. The middle size are 4cm diam £42, giant ones are 6.5cm diam £100. I’m still updating the website and will very shortly put the 2 others on, tho you can’t really tell they’re different from the photos ! Thanks, Gerry

  5. Carolyn

    I’ve been wearing my David Lever small forged hoop earrings for years and still love them. I often wish I’d bought the gold ones, too. Are they available and what would the price be, please?

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